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Betty, Blue Belle and Bitch © 2013

By Betty Krawczyk

In 2006 two women, Harriet Nahanee and Betty Krawczyk, were sent to prison for trying to prevent the destruction of Eagleridge Bluffs in Vancouver, BC. Nahanee caught pneumonia while imprisoned and died shortly after release. Before she died, Nahanee gave Krawczyk a handwritten copy of a truncated version of the Stockholm syndrome.

Krawczyk began to relate Nahanee’s version of the Stockholm syndrome to the status of women globally. To clarify the dichotomies of her awakening consciousness Krawczyk has given flesh and voice to her two inner psychic companions, Blue Belle and Bitch. Both Blue Belle and Bitch fight fiercely for their own position which gives Krawczyk much grief and forces her to choose…safety, or an expanding consciousness? Either Blue Belle or Bitch must die.

PRAISE FOR Betty, Blue Belle and Bitch

Part memoir, part novel, Betty, Blue Belle and Bitch is a romping tale of the feminine principle, and the ways in which it is present in each of us. Krawczyk writes with a creative, flexible voice, and an intelligent, incredibly reflective tone, making Betty, Blue Belle and Bitch a riotous read.   Editor, Friesen Press



In this book, her fifth, Betty Krawczyk weaves her own strong woman’s voice with those of her pesky alter-egos, Blue Belle and Bitch.  One of the alter egos craves the safety of church and traditional culture, the other is driven by need to evolve into something different, something new, where woman are recognized by all as the touch stone of civilization and evolution. She’s funny, but serious; this wonderful new book by Krawczyk makes us think as well as laugh.  Karleen Faith, PhD, Professor Emerita, Simon Fraser University

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"Betty Krawczyk was born in 1928 and raised in East Baton Rouge Parish in Louisiana, swamp land and red neck country. I certainly was not raised to be a protester," she says. "I was raised a poor, country, southern white woman." Before her Daddy became a preacher, he was a peddler of tonics. His Liberty Tonic was supposed to be good for whatever ailed you. "I think the main ingredients of Liberty Tonic were iron and Castor oil and Mississippi River mud," she writes."
~ B.C. Bookworld

"Her book grabs you in the first few pages and shoves you into the brain of the writer...More than anything else Krawczyk is a woman who loves without reservation. She is as tough as tree spikes when it comes to fighting for what she believes in, but it is not the self-righteous fighting of those who have condescended to get involved, it is the raw fight of the mother fox who sense that the world threatens her children."

~ Monday Magazine

"Betty Krawczyk's voice from behind bars in Canadian jail speaks more profoundly about our future than thousands of pundits and politicians free on the outside. She has used her jail time well, gained insights, and honed her message...She is a true modern heroine"

~ Rex Weyler, Author "Greenpeace: The Inside Story"

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